Friday, February 22, 2008

Eight Years Ago...

My dear Benjamin,

Eight years ago today, God blessed us with you, our beautiful firstborn son. We were all filled with joy to meet you.

I am so glad I had seven and a half years to be your mommy and see you grow and laugh and love. I do not understand why our time together had to be so short. I had a vision that Mary and Jesus came to your room and gently took your hands in theirs and guided you to Heaven. That has brought me such comfort to know that your Heavenly Mother was there for you so that you would not be scared in your new surroundings.

Happy Birthday, my sweet Benny. I hope that you will be with us in spirit as we celebrate you and the time we had together. I love you, son.



Jennifer F. said...

Another touching post. Happy birthday, Ben.

Cate Bush said...

Happy Belated B'day Ben. Jenny, your posts are so moving and I hope you know I'm thinking about you. I'm so sorry that Ben's not here.


Mellanie C. said...

Thinking about you today, Ben, and missing your smile.

Love, Mellanie