Sunday, August 2, 2009

A Bedtime Story

Once there was a doll named Angelo. A mother saw this doll among many others, but chose him to be her little girls first baby doll. But the little girl rarely played with the doll. And he lay in the cradle. Then the mother had another little girl. Again she presented Angelo to the second little girl. But this little girl rarely played with the doll. And he lay in the cradle. Then the mother had a son. She thought that a boy would not want a doll. But the mother was wrong. The little boy loved Angelo and slept with him every night for many years. Angelo now lay on the boy's bed. Another little girl came along, but she had her own doll. And then, another little boy was born to this family. When the baby was just learning to sit, the big brother came to his mother one night and said, "I would like Jack to have Angelo". This surprised the mother, for she knew how special the doll was to her son. The mother could never have imagined that the very next day her son would go to Heaven. She remembered her son's wish and tonight, as she tucked Jack into bed, Jack said to his mother, "Where's my baby that my Ben gave me?" And the mother smiled and cried.


JoAnne said...

very beautiful... and Angelo means angel... Ben chose to give his angel to his brother. what a sweet boy, who is now among all the angels in heaven.

that day is coming... the great reunion... keep looking forward to it... it will be unreal...

sending you love.

Cate Bush said...

What a beautiful memory Jenny. I absolutely love that story. Ben was something else.

much love,

Margaret in Minnesota said...

Such a bittersweet story, Jenny--so sad, and yet so beautiful. God's blessings to you & yours throughout the challenges of the next few weeks. You have my prayers.

David and Jennifer said...

Such a sweet story, we are keeping you all in our prayers over the next couple of weeks. The Piscoriks (Suzy's friends)

Karen and Joe said...

Dear Jen,
Tears running down my face as I catch up with your blog. I also linked it to mine. Let me know if that's not okay.

My heart breaks and aches for you. I know you miss your beautiful Ben. He was a wonder, and even in his short life, he made such a loving impact on those who knew him. I love this story about the Angelo doll. So very precious.

Much love to you.

nancyloru said...

What an incredible act of love, a wonderful gift for Jack, and a truly precious memory for you. We have been thinking of you all, and our prayers are with you. How blessed you were to have lived with an angel in your midst! Without a doubt, he watches over you now. We love you!

Paul said...


I just want you to know how much I've been thinking about Ben today. A picture of me holding Ben at his first baseball game at Tiger Stadium hangs on my wall, and I think often of what a wonderful boy he was!

I'm sending you and all of the family all of my love and prayers.

Paul Tenorio

Mellanie C. said...

Oh, Jenny, how sweet and sad to read that this morning! Did I tell you that when Evan and I were visiting Ben on Halloween that there was a trio of angel statues on the ground below him? I miss you guys!