Wednesday, September 26, 2007

From Ben's Sisters

Olivia writes:

I remember the time when Ben wanted to watch the movie "That Thing You Do". One day he said, "I want something to do." Mom gave him toys, puzzles, and games but he said, "No, I want something to do", and got "That Thing You Do".

That is one of my favorite memories of Ben. I will never forget it. God Bless you Ben. Olivia

Sophie writes:

On post, there is this water treatment plant by where we live. We call it the "stinky plant". We have to drive past it quite often. About a year ago, we were driving by and Ben asked, "What's that smell, Mom?" Mom told him, "Ben, you know what that smell is. It's the stinky plant". Then he asked her, "Mom, when is that plant going to die?" We all were laughing so hard and everyone we tell still thinks it is funny.

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A. said...

I remember you telling me that story and I thought of Ben every time we past that plant at Stewart. so cute!