Wednesday, September 26, 2007

All-time Greatest Stories

There are some things Ben did that will never fade in my memory, but I think that one of the top ten things was the washing machine incident. He was probably 18 months old because we were still in Tennessee and I had my old washer and dryer. The washer was a top loader. Ben was a climber. I would find him in high places daily. I heard his usual cry for help that meant he had climbed on top of something but could not get back down. "HEELLPP!" I started following the sound of his voice but then it seemed like I had passed him. Odd, I thought, the only thing I passed was the laundry closet. "HEELLPP!" So I backed up and there he was in the washing machine while it was in use! I was doing the bleach load, no less. He had stacked the boxes of Tide and opened the lid and must have thought the swirling water looked fun. Now, I happened to be wearing my favorite navy blue t-shirt and there he was bobbing in bleach water. So, quickly I took off the shirt and grabbed him out of the machine and took him directly to the tub for a quick "rinse cycle". He thought the whole experience was great. I could feel the gray hairs developing in my head.

Please share with us your funniest Ben story.


Jenny said...

Another funny thing Ben did on several occasions was to ask me to make him a mustache. I would help him draw one on black construction paper and he would cut it out and tape it to his upper lip and strut through the house! I would always giggle at this. He would want a different style mustache each time. I asked that the mustache be removed for meals, as he would insist on wearing the thing for the entire day.

Mellanie C. said...

Ben and Evan always seemed to get along really well, despite the age difference. When we were talking today about Ben and his mustaches, I was cracking up because, not too long ago, Evan took a Mr. Potato Head mustache (one of those shiny plastic ones) and stuck it on his nose and walked around with it all day. (And I'm talking in the last couple of months here!) I'm sure that's something Ben would happily have followed Evan's lead in doing.