Tuesday, December 23, 2008

my little drummer boy

One of the first years we were in Georgia, our Church had a children's Christmas program during Mass in which they re-enacted the Nativity. I do not even remember how it happened that Ben was to be the little drummer boy. I cherish the memory of watching him with a drum over his shoulder, marching solemnly around the Church while I was playing "Little Drummer Boy" with the choir. I remember tearing up as he took his part so seriously.

I have been missing him deeply during Advent. I hear songs that he loved to sing and my arms ache to hold him one more time. To kiss his sweet head and hear him sing to me.

On a more light-hearted note, we have an Elvis Christmas CD that Ben loved to listen to all year. I always smile when I think of him belting out with Elvis "Santa Claus is Back in Town". He had some good dance moves too.

Merry Christmas son.

We just returned from the Vigil Mass. The opening hymn was O Come All Ye Faithful. The trumpets blared, and the altar boys rang the bells through the entire song. It was so beautiful that a smile immediately spread over my face. Then the second verse started "Sing, choirs of angels.." and I knew that Ben was in THAT choir and was rejoicing with us. My heart was filled with joy!

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Mellanie C. said...

We made it through Children's Mass tonight, and I really missed Ben, especially during that part of mass. The boy who did the part this year wasw very cute and exceedingly enthusiastic, but completely arrhythmic. Some holes just can't be filled...

Miss you!